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Step 1: Are Your Data Speeds up to Speed?

The Office of Digital Equity & Inclusion is focused on providing the residents of the City of Detroit with digital equity resources and tools where you can confirm your internet is running at the recommended FCC up and down speeds. You can join the conversation in three easy steps.

1. Do you know what ISP providers are available in your area?

2. Click and check what ISP providers are available in your neighborhood.

City of Detroit

Step 2: Test Your Speed

Is your internet running at the recommended 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed? Click the link below to test your internet speed.


Step 3: Be Counted Correctly!

Update the FCC broadband map with the correct data for your location. The process will require up to three consecutive speed tests and documentation to update the speed map. Click this link to watch the video on how to proceed "Being Counted Correctly".